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Happy Home Helpers provides the followings SPRING services

  • Power Raking (Thatch Removable)

  • Mow & Trimp Lawns

  • Remove Dead Perennials

  • Outdoor Maintenance Projects

  • Gutter Maintenance


Happy Home Helpers provides the followings SUMMER services

  • Mow & Trim Lawns

  • Trim & Shape Hedges

  • Cultivate Flower Beds

  • Extras ( Tree Triming/ Dead or Unwanted Tree Removal)

  • Stump Grinding if required


Happy Home Helpers provides the followings FALL services

  • Leaves Cleanup

  • Cutback Perennials

  • Landscaping services
    to helping clients with finding
    creative solutions

  • Add on services like patio and out doors works


Happy Home Helpers provides the followings WINTER services

  • Residential Windows Cleaning

  • Ice Maintenance (Ice Melt etc.)

  • Commercial & Parking Lots
    Cleaning & Removal if required

  • Yard Cleanup

  • Indoor Handyman works


Our others ADDS ON services includes with the following

  • Renovation - Basement Renovations, kitchen Renovations, Bathroom Renovations. TV mounting,Toilet installs, sink installs, faucet installs

  • Carpentry- General carpentry, Fences, Decks, Shelving

  • Painting- Interior; Exterior; Touch ups

  • Door & Windows- Screen door repair and installation; Reframing and installing doors; improving insulation and weather stripping; repairing hinges and latchess

  • Drywall and Plastering- Drywall installation; wall & ceiling touch-ups and repair


We specilized for all GENERAL HANDYMAN works like:

  • Tiling and Interlock- Tiling repairs; Grouting; kitchen and bathroom back splashes, floors, bathtubs

  • Indoor Home Maintenance- Furniture assembly, General home maintenance

  • Renovation- Basement Renovations, kitchen Renovations

  • Door & Windows, repair and maintenance

  • General carpentry, Fences, Decks, Shelving


We do ESTIMATION for any CONTRACTING jobs includes with:

  • Renovations

  • Constructions

  • Indoor/Outdoor Maintenance

  • Snow & Yard Cleanup

  • Residential & Commercial Handyman works

  • we fix all your HandyMan problems

    Happy Home helpers provides all HANDYMAN jobs and fixes all of your home issues. Please give us a call to solve your home issues.

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  • 24/7 Availability

    Incase of emergency, we provide 24x7 services. We are Happy Home Helpers.

  • genius workers

    We are in the business for 10 plus years and has been working same types of jobs over 50 plus years. We are Genius Workers.

  • low pricing

    We are reasonable for pricing. We are honest, professional and hard working individual. We help Calgary & surrounding cities.

  • free estimation

    Happy Home Helpers drive to your office and doors for free estimation. Please give us a call if you any residentials work to do.

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feedback from clients

  • We have been using John’s services for both Lawn and Snow maintenance since he took over the business many years ago.

    We tend to be a bit fussy on some issues and John has always done his best to comply with our requests which I am sure are sometimes beyond what others expect, and what I notice other Lawn Maintenance folks normally would do.

    Our neighbours have gone through several iterations of Lawn and Snow Maintenances People, during our time with John.

    John was “Happy” to come back to do some additional work in our back yard to help save my old back, and was very much appreciated.

    Karin and Norm, Calgary

  • Review by St. David’s United Church
    Each spring Happy Home Helpers Inc. does a spring clean-up for the grounds of St. David’s United Church that includes: cutting and cleaning under hedges, power raking, property clean-up, trimming trees (when required), tiding flower beds and the memorial garden, and a variety of other duties.
    The company is quick to respond when a request is made, and dates are soon set for the work to be done.
    The assignment is always completed as quickly as is possible given the size of the grounds and the work is impeccable. The company is always accessible and open to additional services (hauling offsite branches and wood) when such requests should occur at the time of the clean-up or days following the finished work.
    The company avails itself quite readily when other requests arise during the spring and summer months. The church’s maintenance staff and custodian often receive helpful advice about eavestrough cleaning, stump removal, and other such grounds and building related issues.
    It is appreciated that the budget set is exceedingly affordable for an organization such as a church that works with limited budgets.
    St. David’s United Church has utilized the services of Happy Home Helpers Inc. over many years and we have continually been satisfied and appreciative of the expertise, consistency, quality, dependability, and workmanship of the company. We would highly recommend Happy Home Helpers Inc., to individuals and/or businesses searching for a company that will provide awesome results.

    Rev. Peggy McDonagh, St. David’s United Church